6061-T651 Plates Cut to Size

6061-T651 Plates Cut to Size

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This aluminum plate is made of one of the most versitile of all of the aluminum alloys. 6061 is the alloy of choice for all-purpose applications. 6061 Aluminum is an aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy, strengthened by precipitation hardening. This alloy has medium strength, formability, weldability, machinability and corrosion resistance.

6061 Aluminum plate is used for tooling plate, architectural applications, transportation equipment, bridge railing components, and is useful in welded structural applications.

Our 6061 plate has T651 temper, indicating it has been solution heat treated followed by a minimal stretching to reduce stresses in the material. The material was then artificially aged to allow the alloying elements to precipitate out of the material, to give immediate maximum strength.

Order Information

The plate can be ordered in any width x length combination at no additional cost. Standard Cut Tolerance: -0'' to +1/8''

Alloy 6061-T651

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