Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized Aluminum Sheet

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Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into an oxide finish.

The objectives of anodizing are to form a layer of aluminum oxide surrounding the part to protect the substrate against corrosion, fatigue, and in some cases, giving a better decorative finish. This thin oxide structure originates from the aluminum substrate and is composed entirely of aluminum oxide. The anodic layer is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, it is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate. This layer is a highly ordered and porous structure, and allows a secondary process such as coloring and sealing.

How to Order

Our sheets can be ordered cut to size. You can choose any width and length. The quantity of cuts will be calculated and displayed per full sheet. Full sheets will be added to cart. Example. Full sheet size is 48 x 120 and you select 24 x 24. Thus the quantity of cut per full sheets would be 20pcs. Remember the cutting cost will be added to the price. The fewer the cuts the less expensive the sheet.  If your cut size is 24" width and 60" length your order can be shipped by FedEX ground. Anything above will have to be shipped by MotorFreight.  

More colors, brushing and other sizes available upon request.  For your larger projects we can help reduce the overall cost significantly!

Alloy 5005H14
Surface Anodized

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